Emotional Cognition Lab

Lab Members



Derek Mitchell, PhD, Lab Director





Joana Vieira, Postdoctoral Fellow

 My research aims to characterize the neural mechanisms implicated in basic emotional processes (e.g. fear), and how disruptions in those mechanisms give rise to abnormal patterns of social functioning. I am particularly interested in understanding the emotional and empathic deficits associated with psychopathy and antisocial behaviour.  I am the recipient of a BMI Cognitive Neuroscience fellowship and will start a CIHR Postdoctoral fellowship in the Fall.

Tamara Tavares, PhD Candidate 

Broadly, my research is focused on social cognitive processing in clinical and healthy populations. I am currently investigating the neural correlates of emotional processing and decision making deficits in patients with Frontotemporal Dementia and individuals who are at-risk for developing this disorder. Furthermore, I am interested in investigating impaired emotional processing in children and youth with behavioural disorders and the influence of mood on emotion-cognition interactions. I am also a recipient of the NSERC CGS-Doctoral award.

Stephen Pierzchajlo, MSc candidate

I am interested in the functional connectivity and neuroanatomical correlates of emotional processes and emotion regulation. I am also interested in the application of different neuromodulatory techniques to investigate questions about neurocognitive processes and neuropsychiatric disorders. Currently I am investigating the effects of emotional distractors on attentional abilities and how they manifest behaviourally, as well as how these distractors are correlated with brain activity.



Undergraduate Research Associates

Minha Yoon                                                                                Ian Jones


Undergraduate Volunteers

Susan Zhang

Jessica Jung

Selina Dong

Sandra Soliman

Lab alumni

Lindsay Oliver, PhD

My research is focused on social cognition and emotional processing in patients with frontotemporal dementia and the healthy population. I am particularly interested in function and dysfunction in empathic responding, and delineating and characterizing behavioural and neural correlates of different facets of empathy, and emotional processing. I am also a recipient of the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex Doctoral Award and Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology. Lindsay is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, supervised by Dr. Aristotle Voineskos.

James Kryklywy, PhD 

My research considers how emotional information is represented within neurocognitive systems involved in sensory processing, how this information is incorporated into perceptual experience, and how this information impacts interaction with the immediate environment. I am particularly interested in the dissociable effects of emotional salience on the representation of spatial- and object-related information. I am the recipient of an NSERC Postgraduate Graduate Scholarship -Doctoral (PGS). James is currently a postdoctoral fellow at University of British Columbia, supervised by Dr. Rebecca Todd.

Steven Greening, PhD

Steven is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Louisiana State University, where he is the Principal Investigator of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Affect and Psychopathology Lab.

Undergraduate volunteers

Siobhan Schenk

Gabrielle Brook